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About Bex

My name is Becca, and I love to cook.  I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend. 

I started making recipe cards when people began asking for recipes from me.  The 3x5 format seemed easier for my (sometimes forgetful) friends to keep track of than if I had typed the recipe on an entire sheet of paper.  Now, I like to print my recipes on cardstock and include them when I take food to a party or goodies to a friend.

I love all things clipart and graphic design, especially retro pictures of cooking and housewifery in general . . . the pictures seem to make the recipe cards complete.  I am constantly scouring old cookbooks and ads for clipart.  Often it will take me ten minutes to type up the recipe part of the card, then an hour to find the perfect picture.  I can tell, when looking through my cards, how I've progressed in my pickiness about pictures--my oldest recipe cards look so drab and juvenile to me, but I won't be going back and fixing them any time soon . . . I have a huge stack of recipes waiting to be made into cards!

My favorite people to cook for are my husband and kids.  The best compliment I have ever received was when my nine-year-old son told me, after taking his first bite of dinner, "Mom, I hope you give me all your recipes when I am grown up."