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This will probably offend my designer friends, but I make all my recipe cards in (gasp!) Microsoft Word.  The 2003 version.

Basically, I have three 3x5 cards per page, and I use text boxes to move everything (text and pictures) where I want it.  I make all of the text boxes (except the one around the card) transparent with no lines, and then move them around within the parameters of my 3x5 cards.  When it looks how I want it, I blow up the page so that the finished recipe card fills the screen, hit the "print screen" button on my keyboard, and then paste my copied screen into Photoshop and crop it before saving.

My husband keeps offering to teach me to do it all in Photoshop, but I am already fast at what works for me.  I might learn a more streamlined, designer-esque technique some day, but for now I am too busy to devote more time to recipe cards than I already do. 

The finished recipe cards result in a lower-resolution version than if I used Photoshop or a similar design software, but I only need it to be 3x5 inches.  Actually, my grandparents always print out each card to fill a whole sheet of paper so they can easily read it, and I'm flattered at how they rave that I made them so they can fill a page.

For this audience (all you recipe blogstalkers out there), I realize it might be frustrating that you are unable to highlight and copy the text on the cards.  I figure I am helping you to hone your typing and handwriting skills . . . if you want it in your own format, feel free to copy it down by hand.  To me, the only thing better than a 3x5 recipe card is a 3x5 recipe card in someone's beautiful and unique handwriting.