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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bacon & Green Bean Heart-Attack Roll-ups

Any recipe from my fabulous sister-in-law, Heather, is always a favorite.  Check out her other contributions.

Bonnie knows how to lay a spread
Once a year is the only time you should ever have these . . . but it just wouldn't be Thanksgiving without them. I am always thankful for bacon.

This is how it looks before you refrigerate it--
not very appetizing, I'm afraid.
This is me placing the roll-ups on a platter on
Thanksgiving Day 2011 at my beautiful sister
Bonnie's house (my favorite Thanksgiving
destination), two months after my baby Calvin
was born
.  Be VERY careful when removing
your dish from the oven--see all that grease
and butter in the bottom of the pan?
Calvin, two months old
My sister Ali made my mom's delicious rolls, which recipe I will
be highlighting in November . . . 
Holy decadence, Batman!  There are never leftovers.

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  1. This recipe is a crowd pleaser, i made it for our group date night with all my friends and they were gobbled up in 2 seconds. Delish!


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