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Friday, April 6, 2012

Cinnamon Ripple Muffins

These are my all-time favorite muffins and my all-time most-requested muffin recipe.  When my siblings come to visit, this is what they hope I am making for breakfast.

I love muffins because they are delicious, can be served as part or all of breakfast, make your house smell amazing, and are already in perfect portion sizes. They freeze beautifully, too, so I like to make big batches, freeze a dozen, and then have one or two thawed muffins in the morning with my oatmeal. Mmmmm.
The top crackles so beautifully
Bonus: this muffin also comes perfectly out of it's wrapper without
leaving parts of itself stuck behind.  The inside is cinna-yummy!
These particular muffins are extra good to dip in your Cream O' Wheat.  If you don't like CO'W, then you may suffer from the same affliction my husband does: complete lack of appreciation for wholesome goodness in the morning.  But, his affliction notwithstanding, these are his favorite muffins, too.


  1. Not only are these the muffins my kids beg for, but it is the muffin dough I eat until I'm sick. Don't judge. I just can't resist sugar and butter and flour in their delightful raw form. These muffins are WINNERS!!!

  2. I do a bake sale for the kids to earn money all summer long and i have made many of your muffins all of which i LOVE!!! (Muffins are weakness), but i have to say these cinnoman ripple muffins sell the very best! I made 5 dozen one night and all were sold by 11:00am. they look yummy and they taste amazing!

  3. I have to testify about these muffins now, too. I've made them twice in two months, but only because the first time around we didn't have any vanilla (!!! what were we thinking?!) and they were still delicious, so I had to try it the better way yesterday—they were even BETTER. My favorite thing about these muffins is that I am basically guaranteed to have every ingredient in my pantry already (we usually are very smart about our vanilla-stocking), so I don't have to plan ahead to make these. We ate them in lieu of cupcakes for a board game party, and they were awesome (and didn't make me feel sick like cupcakes often do).

    P.S. The Bex Recipe Box is a dream to navigate. Well done. I'm coming back to try other things soon.


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