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Thursday, March 14, 2013

National Pi Day = Exponential Happiness

And it just keeps going . . .
No circle ever looked so tasty . . .

March 14th is a perfect day to have a holiday--it's a month after Valentine's Day and a month before taxes are due.  Which is a mathematical equation for STRESS.  Enter pie as a variable.  Problem solved.

This year for Pi Day, I made Brigham City Peach Pie, with my Flakiest Pie Crust recipe, because the first time I made it, I gave it to Troy as a birthday gift, and never got to taste a single slice myself.  I had a bunch of pecans left over from making Coffeecake Muffins, so I added about 3/4 cup to the streusel that gets mixed in with the peaches.  Another welcome variable to this equation.

Other pies you might enjoy:
It's very difficult to make this without a food processor,
so you better get one.  I love my Bosch processor.
BOSCH Compact Food Pro
Just because this pie crust recipe is for beginners not not mean it
is not DELICIOUS.  Because it is.

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  1. Best way to spend Pi day is to enjoy Becca's Pi day Pie...yes, I brag!!


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