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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cafe Rio Trio + Smothered Burritos

My aunt Kristie was the first to give me these "secret" recipes. Then Cori sent me the lime rice recipe. Several different versions seem to be making the rounds of the Internet. This cilantro lime dressing is so good that you could drink it like a shake.

I like to serve these fajita-style, with plenty of tortillas, stir-fried onions and bell peppers, refried or black beans, salsa, guacamole, and Monterey Jack cheese. Set it up assembly-line style and let everyone make their own fabulous burrito, fajita, or salad.

*(I rarely use as much brown sugar as the pork barbacoa calls for--3/4 cup is perfect).

Okay, but you're only half-done once you make these fabulous dishes, because unless you have a large crowd of people to feed (and this will feed a large crowd) you'll have lots of yummy leftovers.  My fabulous sis-in-law, Heather, introduced me to the beauty of a burrito reheated on a George Foreman Grill.  Maybe your lean, mean, fat-grilling machine has been collecting dust since you got it as a Christmas present in 1995, but I promise that making Cafe Rio smothered burritos is its true calling.  If you happened to have gotten rid of yours, you're going to want to order a new one ASAP . . . this is my very favorite appliance for quick and easy leftover lunch.

Smothered Cafe Rio Burritos
After you construct your own burrito how you like it (and I recommend using a large tortilla, which is easier to "fold" . . . corn tortillas tear easily, but I do use them from time to time--just zap them in the microwave for 10 seconds to make them more pliable), wrap it tightly and place it on the (clean, but not greased) grill on a low heat setting, close the upper grill, then let everything slowly heat up until your cheese is melty and gooey and your tortilla is crispy and golden.

Oh, yummy.  Smother with the cilantro lime dressing and you'll be jealous of yourself.  Like I am jealous of myself because of my new green dining room wall . . .


  1. The Pork Barbacoa is one of my Favorites!!! I do add a about 1/2 jalapeƱo to the dressing to spice it up a little more Yummers!
    In fact Friday night of the scrapbook retreat this is what we are having. I can't wait (Maybe you can come down for an hour or two)

  2. I found your blog (from Drab to Fab) recently and saw this recipe on here. I've never tried a Cafe Rio copycat before because the ingredients just don't look like they would taste close. I saw this and almost did a dance because it looked just right. My parents were in town and we decided to try this today. OH MY HEAVEN. So delicious! My dad and I both love to cook and he said both the pork and the rice were "Exquisite!" My mom adored the pork which she said tells you something because she doesn't like pork roast... Rave reviews all around. Thank you for sharing these wonderful recipes (and darling note cards too, of course)!

  3. Marcie, thanks so much for your kind words! My dad is the person I most want to impress when I cook, so it's high praise indeed!

    1. This dressing is amazing! It makes enough to use on everything I eat for the next several days. Also, I didn't have ranch dressing mix once, and it still tasted great.

  4. Mmmm...(wiping the drool off of my lower lip)... I love this yumminess! My recipe calls for Coke instead of Dr. P, though-- I wonder what the difference is? I'll have to try yours next time-- maybe Monday. It's Mexi night. Mmmm!


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