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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Calzones {with artisan bread}

I love having prepared bread dough in the fridge, because it makes it feasible for me to make myself a delicious gourmet lunch when I tire of eating whatever my kids are having (much as I love PB&J, hot dogs, and cheese quesadillas . . . I occasionally yearn for something more). 

My new love is calzones.  Once you make them, it's so easy to feel confident about experimenting with different herbs, vegetables, and cheeses in the filling.  I especially like to put a layer of very-thinly-sliced tomatoes on top of the filling before I pinch the calzone shut.
Sauteing the garlic and spinach for the filling is what takes
the longest . . . it took me about four whopping minutes.
Because I am not going to spend more than  half hour on lunch (not even that long, usually), using this refrigerated artisan bread dough is the way to go.  These take me about 10 minutes prep-time, and then only a tummy-rumbling half hour of baking and cooling time till they are ready to eat.

Just because something is cheesy and delicious doesn't mean it's unhealthy.  Ricotta is actually made from whey, which is a low-fat by-product of cheese.  Spinach, garlic, fresh herbs, and tomatoes . . . all good for you.  As long as I don't inhale both calzones by myself (I can usually only eat half of one--they are so filling!), I'm having a great made-from-scratch lunch that is healthy, satisfying, and delicious.


  1. Yummmm! I'm gonna buy some yeast. I've decided.

    I love this site, by the way. Best. Idea. Ever.

  2. These look so scrumptious! (Maybe because it's lunch time and all I have is yogurt.) I can't wait to try them. Oh, you and your braggity-brag artisan bread...

  3. Oh you better make this for me!!!


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