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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Best Buttermilk Pancakes

I remade this recipe card this morning because A) I gave away my hard copy a few months ago and needed to print another one out, B) I thought the directions needed a little tweaking, and C) If I am going to be making pancakes, I may as well take pictures to upload to the pancake post, right?

Here is the old card:
This is the old card--scroll down to print the new one.
*I plan on doing an upcoming post about kefir: a probiotic gem (I can't say kefir without saying "probiotic gem" because that is the qualifier my dad invariable added when he first educated me about the sundry and beautiful benefits of kefir).  Stay tuned. (Click here for my What is Kefir? post).
Can you even stand how cute she is?
Mollie loves three-inch pancakes the most.
This is one of my favorite foods to let my kids help with, because there's not much chance of a huge mess, and they really can do all of the steps themselves: it's a great recipe to get your kids confident about cooking.  Here is a video clip I took of my six-year-old cracking a double-yolker from one of our chickens into the pancake batter a few months ago.  My favorite part is how he says, "Blast OFF" at the end of his countdown.

And my three-year-old helped with the pancakes this morning.  She loves to whisk.  (Before my sisters leave comments about how wretched her hair looks, let me just admit to the entire World Wide Web, right here and now, that I am much better at cooking than I am at doing hair).

Here is the new and improved card.


  1. One of my favorite pancake recipes EVER!!!

  2. I can't wait to try these. I am getting SOOO sick of Krusteaz.

  3. These really could turn any pancake loather into a pancake lover! These are our favorites-bar none, and again, even better made with kefir!!!


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