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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Aebleskiver: Traditional Danish Breakfast Pastry

This is one of my husband's family traditions: a yummy Danish breakfast pastry (along with their other Danish treat, klejner). It's sort of the love-child of muffins and pancakes, which means I am a huge fan. It's easy enough to mix the batter, but making the actual aebleskiver (pronounced abbleSKEEvuh) is time-consuming. the best thing we've found for turning them over is a nut-pick, but you can also just use a fork.

Use kefir in place of buttermilk, if you wish (click here for my What is Kefir? post).

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  1. You need to get mom's Swedish Pastry recipe. It was one of Allen's favorites growing up and it is amazing. Plus... I want it in the form of onw of your recipe cards :).


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