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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

White Bean Chili

This is what it looks like outside where I live, right now.

This is what it looks like inside.

This is my favorite chili, and it's great for cold winter days.  Shout out to my fabulous college roommate, Valerie my Palerie, for this recipe!

In the picture above, I used one can of pinto beans in place of a can of white (Great Northern) beans, because that's all I had.  I coated two skin-on, bone-on chicken breasts with the cumin and grilled them on my Foreman Grill, then discarded the skin and shredded the chicken into the simmering beans.  It was delicious--and the grated Monterey Jack cheese gave it just the right amount of extra warmth.

The bread is from the loaf of ciabatta I made today, which only took me about five minutes of prep-work, since I used refrigerated artisan bread dough.  I just posted those recipes below.   


  1. So delicious, and a frequent request from my offspring. I have used black beans since that's what I usually have on hand and it's just as yum. I do not, however, add kefir to this...ew.


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