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Friday, February 25, 2011

Huckleberry Cream Muffins

If you've never had huckleberries . . . I'm sorry. Just know that blueberries, which I do love and which you can substitute for huckleberries, pale in comparison. These muffins are in my top five favorite.

When I made these this morning, I had about a cup of very thick kefir (Click here for my What is Kefir? post) to use in place of a cup of the sour cream.  I did happen to have another cup of sour cream, but if I hadn't, I would have just used milk.  I've used kefir + milk several times and, though it makes the batter slightly less thick, it still makes a delicious muffin.

Want some kefir of your own?  Come on over and I'll give you some!
Huckleberries . . . mmmmmm.  They are so packed with flavor
that you use half as many as you would blueberries.
My friend Cori gave me this square muffin pan that she bought at Orson Gygi--don't be jealous!  It's one of my favorite cooking accoutrements . . . the shape is fun, of course, but the pan itself is so well-made and heavy duty.

I love this recipe because it makes so many muffins.  Today I got 33 muffins, and plan to freeze at least a dozen, so I can thaw a few whenever I need a little something extra to go with my oatmeal or Cream o' Wheat.

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  1. BEST SITE EVER! I am going to whip up some artisan bread this afternoon.


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